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Fixtures & Fittings

Offering only the highest quality options.

With many years of experience, we understand that no two homes or homeowners are the same!

So, we offer a wide range of fixtures and fittings for you to choose from to create the perfect use, look, and cost for your new bathroom.

Offering only the highest quality options, our custom design and installation service guarantees an unrivalled result that you can enjoy for many years to come.





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From top quality fixtures, to premium standard fittings. We've got you covered.

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Top Quality Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom are the aspects that are permanently installed. So maybe they are plumbed in or have been wired in. Plumbed examples include your toilet, sink, shower, taps and bathtub and electrical fixtures are your lights, sockets, and extractor fans. As your local experts here in Penrith, NSW, we are pleased to offer a wide range of fixtures that guarantee long-lasting strength and durability, plus a stunning aesthetic. Our diverse options include something to meet all aesthetic tastes as well as all functional requirements and budgets.

Premium Standard Fittings

The fittings in your bathroom are pieces that can be more easily moved and are less permanent than your fixtures. This includes elements such as your cabinets, mirrors, and shelves. All of the fittings in your bathroom play a vital role in how you use the space and how it looks overall. We believe that you should be able to craft your ideal bathroom, so offer you the opportunity to work with one of our bathroom designers, who will support you to choose and incorporate the perfect fittings that provide exactly what you require, with a look and price tag that you love!

Your Design

Our wide range of options has something to truly suit everybody. We have diverse practical solutions, that are ideal for all sizes of bathrooms, all accessibility requirements, and all other functional needs. There are hugely different aesthetics, which will be selected to meet your taste and vision perfectly! Finally, there are solutions for all budgets, with options ranging from affordable prices through to high-end. You will undertake this process with the assistance of a highly skilled member of our design team, who will support you in finding the perfect design that provides exactly what you want and need, and more in your bathroom!

The Installation Process

Following your custom design experience, our fantastic team of installation experts can begin work! They will carefully remove your current bathroom and then perform all measures required to set up your new bathroom to succeed. We work with extensively experienced and highly qualified staff that provide all aspects of installation, and so are pleased to provide an installation service that you can rely on for long-lasting quality! We work with our very own electricians, plumbers, and more so that your new fixtures and fittings can be installed to the highest standard.

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated in providing:

Quality Work

Great Designs

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